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New site rewards users for their daily green acts

Fremont, Ca. (PRWEB) May 08, 2012
People who lead a green lifestyle tend to be passionate about what they do. At least that’s what start up Motley Green’s research is saying.

Based out of California, Motley Green is a social networking site that allows users to share their green experiences with everyone in their network and be rewarded for their green acts. Their site is located at

With the amount of time people are spending online now, their dream is to make sustainability a part of an individual's daily activities – and to have something to show for it.

Motley Green users can build out their profiles with the help of Motley Green’s green act options. For example, you can let the world know that you drive a Prius or bike to work, and these acts will then show up on your profile. Even more so, your status updates allow you to share your most recent green act with your network.

One recent post mentioned that the person was working from home today, and Motley Green added a fact about positive impact that in fact has, stating, “Airlines carry about 750 million passengers per year in the United States, which means that 750 million people need to be transported to the airport on each end of their trip. If just an additional 10 percent of travelers could share a $30 ride with one other person, the total annual savings would top $1 billion.”

Motley Green also believes that users should be rewarded for being green, so for each green act a user confirms, she accrues Rewards Points, which will soon be able to be redeemed for products from Motley’s partners, like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.

Green acts also build up the user’s Motley Green Score, which MG hopes will become the standard measurement for green lifestyles.

Currently, for every new user who registers, Motley Green will plant a tree in their honor. The site is free to join and will soon begin the rewards phase of the project.

About Motley Green
Our goal is to help companies drive their Employee Sustainability Engagement Program. We make it easier for organizations to implement, measure and grow Employee Sustainability Engagement.The solution tracks and reports employees progress toward the organization’s sustainability goals, in a social setting, and leverages social gamification for tight engagement. Request for a Demo!
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