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The MG Community is a motley crew, ranging from dedicated environmental activists to green newbies curious to learn more about the planet’s troubles and how they can help. is the community’s venue for online get-togethers, exchanges and collaboration.  As a member of the community, you can

•  share your views about all things green,

•  inform others about sustainability strategies,

•  record green acts,

•  explore environmental solutions,

•  initiate green petitions,

•  collaborate on environmental actions,

•  even launch a global environmental revolution if you so choose!

•  And, as promised, we are planting a tree for every user who signs up.

•  Click this link to see trees that have been planted to date. 

What Makes us Special

What makes us different is the power of YOU--avid green enthusiasts, homemakers, teachers, students, scientists, professionals and more. Every solution starts with a motivated and committed individual just like YOU and each one of YOU is the key booster of our mission.

Moreover, at we believe that every action counts no matter how small. You took a five-minute shower this morning? Great, record it! You biked to work instead of driving? Hurray, you deserve some points for that! You set your thermostat lower at night? Thank you, you’re saving the planet! Taken together, the smallest actions of millions of individuals add up to major impact on a global scale. Making minor green changes in our busy routines can make a major difference in our planet’s health.

Our Objective

With your support, we aim to be the world’s premier social network for green-minded individuals and newbie green folk alike. We already have active members in Ireland, India, China, Canada and the United States, and the community just keeps growing.

Our objective is to be your facilitator and associate in:

  • Recycling and reusing waste materials easily,
  • Conserving earth’s natural resources for future generations,
  • Quantifying and rewarding your green acts, and
  • Educating and inspiring others to “go green”.

Our wish is to genuinely make earth a healthier, safer place instead of just talking about its troubles.

Need for the MG Community 

There are hundreds of organizations and millions of individuals world-wide enthusiastically working towards environmental sustainability. Without adequate connectivity, these dedicated environmental stewards end up repeating each other’s efforts rather than reinforcing them. provides the missing link, a cyber-space for the global community to come together to coordinate actions and share knowledge. Join the community and let become your green social network!

Getting the most out of the MG Community  

If you’re an individual interested in joining the MG Community, take these simple steps: join the site, create your own page, build your green community, and challenge yourself and others to go the extra green mile. Share your feedback and questions, too, so we can make the site the green social network of YOUR dreams.

Environmental organizations and NGOs: increase your presence on the Internet through the MG Community. At, generate awareness of your green work and further promote your cause. 

About Motley Green
Our goal is to help companies drive their Employee Sustainability Engagement Program. We make it easier for organizations to implement, measure and grow Employee Sustainability Engagement.The solution tracks and reports employees progress toward the organization’s sustainability goals, in a social setting, and leverages social gamification for tight engagement. Request for a Demo!
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