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  • poorvi venugopal recycled phone books
    Some 1.4 billion movie tickets alone are sold in the United States annually—and almost every one of them goes to waste.
    28 days ago
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  • poorvi venugopal recycled old newspaper
    Direct mail is a very efficient marketing medium and it shows in its response rates, which are typically measured in whole, single or even... More
    28 days ago
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  • Rishi Kabra took shorter shower
    Water regulates the Earth’s temperature.
    36 days ago
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  • Rishi Kabra took the stairs instead of elevator
    The United States uses $1 million worth of energy every minute.
    42 days ago
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  • Ravi Korlimarla owns a hybrid or electric Vehicle
    The earth is a natural greenhouse and is kept warm by water vapors, carbon dioxide (CO2), and other gases in the atmosphere, which absorb the... More
    125 days ago
    Reward Points 651 MG Score 39
  • Mantej Lamba walked to school
    In 2007, registered participation in International Walk to School Day increased by 35% compared to the previous year, reaching a record high of 2,755 registered events.
    141 days ago
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  • Rashma Anand has shared a story

    Green Cleaning Is…Well Clean Cleaning

    It always amazes me that when it comes to cleaning products, many of us end up using soaps and cleaners which are nothing but a bunch of chemicals put together. How can we call it ‘clean’, when we are subjecting ... More»
    150 days ago
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  • Rashma Anand has shared a story

    Green Cleaning Is…Well Clean Cleaning

    Story Content More»
    150 days ago
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  • Mantej Lamba has suggested a Green Act for Kashyap Patel
    avoided buying a snack from vending machine
    153 days ago
    Reward Points 1466 MG Score 98
  • Steven Huang installed dual flush toilets
    The average 5-minute shower takes 15-25 gallons of water–around 40 gallons are used in 10 minutes.
    202 days ago
    Reward Points 524 MG Score 82
  • Steven Huang used recycled pencils
    A plastic pen in a landfill will still be there in 50,000 years. In the marine environment plastic pens are a hazard to mammals and birds.
    202 days ago
    Reward Points 524 MG Score 82
  • Parinita Jithendra avoided styrofoam and used peanuts & plastic bubble wrap for packaging
    A steel mill using recycled scrap reduces water pollution, air pollution, and mining waste by about 70 percent.
    317 days ago
    Reward Points 105 MG Score 22
  • Parinita Jithendra carpooled to school
    In the year 1997 alone, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere increased by 2.87 ppm; this increase is more than any other year on record.
    317 days ago
    Reward Points 105 MG Score 22
  • Srinath Sura carpooled to work
    With roughly 15 percent of the world's current population, Europe, Japan, and North America are estimated to account for two-thirds of the carbon... More
    338 days ago
    Reward Points 140 MG Score 18
  • Venessa Janse van Vuuren recycled aluminum Can
    In 2005, 35.8 thousand tonnes of used aluminium cans were collected across Australia - that's 244.3 million cans!
    338 days ago
    Reward Points 60 MG Score 4
  • Venessa Janse van Vuuren bought loose, unwrapped candy
    Asthma among pre-school children is at epidemic levels, increasing 160 percent between 1980-1994, more than twice the national average. Higher... More
    338 days ago
    Reward Points 60 MG Score 4
  • Vishal Gangwal skipped ATM receipt
    The paper industry is, after chemical and steel manufacturing, the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing sector... More
    341 days ago
    Reward Points 55 MG Score 0
  • RP Nigam bought an energy efficient refrigerator
    Auto defrost:Prevents the build up of frost in your fridge, so there’s no need to defrost it yourself, thus saving you time.
    369 days ago
    Reward Points 65 MG Score 8
  • shilpayahoo Kabra used public transportation
    In just 200 years, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 30%.
    373 days ago
    Reward Points 90 MG Score 3
  • Navya Ravavarapu activated high-spin setting on washing machine
    To reduce the amount of electricity consumed washing clothes we suggest washing at lower temperatures; most of the cost of running a washing... More
    384 days ago
    Reward Points 535 MG Score 16
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