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Motley Green is an online ready to use platform that makes it easier for organizations to implement, measure and grow Employee Sustainability Engagement. Traditional methods such as posting reminders on the bulletin board , sending company-wide email blasts or launching surveys  are easy to ignore, and sometimes they even make staff members feel nagged or micro-managed.

Set up your Sustainability Goals

Employee Sustainability Engagement program at Motley Green starts with defining  goals that are aligned with corporate sustainability strategy. These goals can be easily tracked and monitored periodically to see what is working and what needs improvement.

Build Employee Engagement 

 Identify sustainability champions and motivate employees to connect with the program vision and goals, and to adopt sustainable behaviour which leads to action. Let employees know what difference their actions are making and how they can influence the future of the sustainability program. 

Launch Company specific social campaigns

It has been proven that  an individual’s behavior can be influenced when they are put in a social set up. Motley Green provides a highly interactive , fun and entertaining platform where employees can share their thoughts and get motivated.

Gamify your employee sustainability experience

Gamification is a very successful strategy in driving environmentally and socially responsible behavior among individuals.Motley Green has used game mechanics and related techniques to reward sustainable behavior that results into increased employee engagement.

Employee Sustainability Analytics

 Sustainability reporting is no longer an option, but instead a growing obligation.Motley Green provides a robust solution to develop analytics around employee sustainability engagement that is 'Easy to read' for your management.

 Bring ‘Planet’ into your Business plan

Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. Companies are taking  actions that have the potential to save customers money and help ensure a better world for generations to come.Our platform allows corporates to show case their Green efforts and helps them in their Green Branding.

About Motley Green
Our goal is to help companies drive their Employee Sustainability Engagement Program. We make it easier for organizations to implement, measure and grow Employee Sustainability Engagement.The solution tracks and reports employees progress toward the organization’s sustainability goals, in a social setting, and leverages social gamification for tight engagement. Request for a Demo!
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